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"I could teach 1,000 Sunday School lessons and never teach my kids what they learn at Camp Barnabas."     

-- Bob Speizer, Former youth pastor and current young adult pastor, First Baptist Church, Elk Grove, California.


What is a Missionary (formerly "volunteer")? 

At Camp Barnabas, a missionary is someone who feels called to serve others for one week at camp. Our wonderful campers with special needs get to experience camp just as any typical camper would through the adaptation of activities and the one on one support of our missionaries. You can start serving as a missionary at age 14. For more information on the different roles you can serve in, click on "missionary roles" below. Our missionaries come with a group as well as individually. Find out more information below whether you are coming with a Missions Group, as an individual or as a medical team member. 


Coming with a Missions Group?

Of the over 2,500 people who will participate in intense, servant-oriented ministry at Camp Barnabas in 2015, 80% will come from mission groups. These mission groups are from churches, schools, sports teams and organizations across the country.

For more information on bringing a group, please click on the group application packet link below.* This packet includes details about bringing a group, camp policies, and a two page application to send back to us.

Camp Barnabas brings people face-to-face with new people, new experiences and new opportunities to allow God to stretch them, grow them and change the depth of their Christian walk.

Groups are awarded roles on a first-come, first-serve basis. Cost for missionaries is $225 including a non-refundable $55 registration fee. Background checks are required for everyone 18 and older.  A background check link will be sent to Missionaries 18 and over. There is no additional cost for the process.


Coming as an Individual Missionary?

Sometimes it's hard for us to measure who undergoes the most life change each summer - our campers, our staff...or our missionaries. They tell us their time at Camp Barnabas gives them a new perspective on all the relationships in their life. While 80% of our missionaries come with a mission group from churches, schools, sports teams and organizations around the country, the 20% who come as individual missionaries have just as much fun stretching and growing.

The cost for camp is $225 including a non-refundable $55 registration fee. Background checks are required for everyone 18 and older. A background check link will be sent to Missionaries 18 and over. There is no additional cost for the process.


Coming as a Medical Team member?

Being a part of the Camp Barnabas medical team is a great honor. This is an all-volunteer team that works together to assist the camp in providing a safe and fun environment for ALL people to enjoy the great outdoors as they learn about Jesus at Camp Barnabas. Each week, a different group of campers is served with varying disabilities and/or diseases. More than anything, these are people with a big desire to just have fun at summer camp. Having a wonderful medical team of 6-8 nurses and 2 physicians each week allows kids with cancer, hemophilia, Down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, autism, spina bifida and many other rare and debilitating diseases, to come to camp and have life-changing experiences.

You need a huge love for Jesus to be a part of the medical team, as well as a great heart for kids and medical experience. No specialty area is required. The camp provides training and support for any procedures you may be unfamiliar with, and we also provide lots of TLC. All medical team missionaries arrive 24 hours prior to camper arrival to train and prepare for their time of service.



You must be licensed in the state of the camp you will be serving or live in a compact state (reciprocal licensing with your state and that state) if you are a nurse. Click here to review Missouri licensure requirements. For other reciprocal licensing questions, email Medical Director Tracie Bishop at

Nurses and physicians must serve a full term and stay on sight at all times during the week. Your children that are camp age are allowed to enroll as a camper in the sibling program if they do not have a disability. If you have a child with a disability, they will enroll as a camper. All children that attend while their parent is a nurse must be enrolled as campers or missionaries. Children do not live with the nurses. The nurses live in the medical center and share bedrooms with other nurses.


All physicians are covered under Missouri law to serve at our Missouri locations for 14 days or less in a summer camp setting that will allow you to be a part of the team, utilizing your license from the state where you practice. Each physician usually works for one week and brings their family along for the trip. The physicians are on duty a limited amount of time and are encouraged to have family time and enjoy camp along with the campers when off-duty. Because we have two physicians each week, the time you spend actually working is limited and there is plenty of time to rest and relax with family.

For more information on anything related to the medical team, please contact Tracie Bishop at


If you have questions about serving as a missionary at Camp Barnabas, email our Missions Director, Sarah Wilson at, or call her at 417.737.7082.