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Frequently Asked Questions about Day Camp:

Q: Who can come to this years Day Camp?
A: Campers with special needs age 6 and up.
Siblings ages 6 and up. 
Volunteers age 13 and up.


Q: How can I sign up?
A: Click here! Registration will take approximately 15-20 minutes.


Q: What Disability do you cater to?
A:  We believe everyone was uniquely and wonderfully made to live a life of purpose.  Part of our mission is to make sure that anyone regardless of ability is able to enjoy camp and have an incredible experience.  If your child falls under the classification of a human being then we absolutely have a spot for them!


Q: What about their sibling(s)?
A:  We know first hand what it’s like being in a family with a disability.  That’s one of the reasons we are so passionate about our sibling program at camp!  We will always provide a fun, safe, and constructive place for our siblings to be encouraged and focused on.  We want our siblings to interact and build relationships with other siblings just like them.  Most of all, we want our siblings to know they are loved and it’s ok to be a sibling of someone with a disability.

Beyond that, part of our ministry is allowing time for parents to catch their breath again.  We understand the parenting tolles and know that this pressure and stress can be magnified when you throw in the challenges of illness and disability.  We want to allow a time for parents to take a break, go see a movie, take a nap, curl up with a book or run an arrend you might have been putting off.  We encourage our parents to monopolize this time with their spouses and use this time as a shared moment of peace with each other.

Whatever the case know that your children are in good hands and good company.

Q: Where is this years Day Camp?
A:  In June we will continue our great relationship with

Cherry Hills Community Church
3900 Grace Boulevard
Highlands Ranch, CO 80126.

In July we will venture out and take on Kansas City, MO at

Colonial Presbyterian Church
9500 Wornall Rd, Kansas City, MO 64114


Q: What are the Camp Dates?

A:  Colorado is late June early July
Campers:  June 26th - 30th,  and July 3rd-7th
Missionary Training is always the Sunday before between 2-5pm.

Kansas City is mid to late July
Campers:  July 17th - 21st, and July 24th - 28th
Missionary Training is always the sunday before between 2-5pm.


Q: How much does it cost?
A:  $200 per camper per week.  (We ask that you commit to at least one week at a time, as we do not offer Day Rates)*
$30 per volunteer per week. (To cover cost of background checks, includes shirt and programing costs)  
A $10 discount for returning volunteers.*

*We will observe the Fourth of July and not have Camp that day. With one less day of camp, the price of the second week at Barnarado is reduced to $160 for campers and $25 for missionaries.*


Q: Can my child do Day Camp and Overnight camp?
A: Absolutely! In fact if they come to day camp and bring a friend, you and the friend get a discount to Overnight camp!  Valued at


Q: Wait, you do NOT offer Day Rates?  What about refunds?
A:  For many people camp is something they look forward to all year round.  They plan on signing up the moment at their earliest possible convenience.  Sometimes these people are forced to be on a waitlist because all of the “spots” are taken and we can not expand any further that year.  Many moms and dads will then make other plans to not leave a hole in their summer.

So when a drop happens, we are unable to fill it 95% of the time.  If we are able to fill the spot, then we will absolutely provide a refund.  However, if we are not, then we will require you to pay the amount you owe for the week.  It helps us keep the lights on and ensures we are able to provide camp for many years to come!

The reason we do not provide Day Rates has everything to do with the above comment.  Typically we are unable to recoup the loss.  

Please help us provide the best camp experience to our campers, yet!


Q: What supervision is provided for the campers? 
A: Each camper is provided with a one-to-one buddy. Groups of campers, buddies and volunteers are organized into “cabins” with leaders assigned to guide the campers and their buddies throughout their day. Additionally, each Camp Barnabas Day Camp will have several camp staff members available to provide support to both group leaders, campers and their buddies as appropriate.

Helping all campers stay safe while having the best possible time is our top priority!


Q: Will lunches be provided?
A: Due to the diverse dietary needs of our campers, we are unable to provide lunches for all of our campers. Instead, we invite our campers to enjoy a daily picnic lunch with us from home.  Camp Barnabas Day Camp will also have 2 snack times that campers can partake in as well.

If your camper has any specific food allergies that we need to be aware of, please let us know at


Q: What else does my child need to bring?
A: Campers should bring sunscreen and a water bottle for outdoor activities. Additionally, look for communication from our Day Camp Leaders concerning any additional items your camper should bring, such as swimsuits or cabin photo shirts, for a particular day during the week.


Q: What does a typical day at this years Day Camp look like?
A: Day Camp starts each day with silly songs, and then moves into devotionals to set up the rest of the day.  We will have structured activity times throughout the day, which all relate back to the devo.

After lunch and a few additional activities, we will finish the day with a party (think dance or game show!) before we go home.


Q: I am nervous about being away from my child for the whole day. Will there be a way for me to check in on them?
A: While we will provide emergency contact numbers for all of our parents to reach us in the event of an emergency we strongly advocate allowing the child to have a true “Camp” experience.  Part of camp for the campers is learning independence and growing from the challenges that take place throughout their day on their own.

Q: Are there medical personnel on location?
A: Day Camp will always have at least one medical professional (paramedic, RN, NP, PA, MD, or DO) on hand to care for any medical needs or emergency situations that may arise.


Q: What will the campers be learning through the devos?
A:  Will focus on Major topics in the bible, such as people or events.  We will talk about salvation in Jesus and how He died and rose again for each of us.  We will not get caught up in the “minors”, that is to say the debatable theologies.  We will point back to the bible whenever possible.

A sample of last years Devotionals:
We will meet a different bible character each day, such as Moses and the disciples, and others. These Bible characters will teach us not only about their lives, but also how God was with them through both good and bad times. We will learn that these “Mountaintop” and “Valley” experiences are not good or bad in and of themselves, but in all times and in all places, we should look to God for his support and love.


Q: What is happening Friday Night?
A: After 2 full weeks of Day Camp, we would like to invite the families of both campers and volunteers for one final blowout party at the church. The festivities will begin at 6:00 with a picnic dinner and will conclude at 8:00. More details will be announced during the week.


Q: Wow! Day Camp sounds great! Is there anything I can do to help?
A: Yes! Absolutely!  We are always looking for more campers!  Please help us spread the word!  We love bringing people and communities together to experience the joys of love and inclusion.

Additionally if there is anyone you know that would be a great volunteer, please send them our way!  Or if they are being shy, send us their contact information and we will reach out to them.  We are always looking for the next Top Leaders to help us give an incredible camp experience.

Also, because we are venturing away from our camp domain sometimes we need other things as well.  If you have any arts and crafts, gym or playground equipment, toiletries, or extra supplies of any kind you think would be beneficial for Day Camp please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are always thankful for the many people it takes to put something like Barnabas on!