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Here is a list of our current rates for renting space at either camp for different situations. This can help you get an idea of how much your event will cost but please call for a final quote. We can adjust prices based on your needs. Some events require a lot and some events require very little, we’ll make sure you are not paying for something you aren’t using.

Summer Camp Rental Pricing (Barnabas on the Lake Only)

(# of Nights) x $35 + (# of meals) x $5 = Per Person Rate
*Have Camp all to yourselves for 4 nights for $65,000, or for 5 nights for $65,000.

Fall and Spring Retreat Pricing

(# of Nights) x $20 + (# of meals) x $5 = Per Person Rate
*For Fall and Spring Events, we have a minimum number of 20 guests allowed.

Work Groups and Service Projects

$15 per day staff cost + $5 per meal = Per Person Rate

Fish House Lodge (Teas Trail) Pricing

$300 per night

Weddings and other events (Area or Building Fee’s)

Inspiration Point or Lakefront Chapel - $500
Kitchen Access - $250 Per Day
Dining Hall Access - $250 Per Day


For more information or if you have further questions, contact Kyle Wells, Director of Recreation and Guest Ministries, at
or call 417.737.7136.