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How do I apply to be a summer staffer? 

Apply here.

What positions do you hire for?

For a full list of positions click here. 

If I am hired as a staffer, when will I need to be there for training?

This is dependent on the position you are hired for. If you are a support staff, such as an Extreme Team member, you will need to be there a week before staff week. For summer 2017, this is May 19th. Everyone else on staff will join us for staff week on May 25th. 

What is Barnabas on the Lake and how is it different than Camp Barnabas? 

Barnabas on the Lake is our newest camp property helping us to reach more campers than ever before. It is located on a peninsula near Shell Knob, Missouri. Camp Barnabas is located in Purdy, Missouri. Besides locations, there are very little major differences. The parties, themes, devotionals, and basic activities are exactly the same. There are additional activities on Barnabas on the Lake, such as boating, tubing, barn swinging, etc. simply because of it being a "newer" property. The core values, mission and vision of Barnabas are absolute and an integral part of both locations. Both places require amazing staffers to meet the demands of our fantastic campers. If you are looking at one or the other, trying to decide which location to apply to, please consider applying to Barnabas on the Lake. It is our newest adventure!

When do we get time off? How much time do we get off? What is time off?

Between each week, we give our staffers about twenty four hours off. During the week, we give each staffer one hour off a day, and several opportunities throughout the week to go to small group with other staffers. 

I've heard that there isn't any food provided on our time off, is that true?

This is true. We give ALL of our staff time off during this break. However, we do leave out some "snack" style food for those not wishing to venture into town or simply wishing to be conservative with their budget. We do advise staff to plan accordingly.