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Hi! My name is Lauren. I started at Camp Barnabas in 1999. I was scared to go to camp again because I almost died from a seizure at a different camp in Texas the year before, but I overcame my fear. Camp Barnabas has strengthened my walk with God and it taught me to take time out of my day, everyday, to do my devotions. I am a twin. I am hoping to get a real job soon. I am involved in a program at a local college, I perform in an annual variety show called Laughing Feet, and I am also a Sunday school teacher. My family started running in 2010. I asked my dad if I could run with him and he said yes. We started on a 5K in 2011, did our first 10K and half marathon in 2012, and then worked up to a full marathon in 2014. We have done three marathons so far. Camp Barnabas has done so much for me. I think this fundraiser helps families who don’t have enough money for a full week of camp for their kid who has a disability. They will get to learn about Christ and they will get to do activities like swimming, crafts and a petting zoo. Many years agao, a nurse had to turn a camper away from a sports camp because this camper didn’t have a leg. This nurse didn’t like turning away that camper. She asked herself, “Why can’t I start a camp for people with disabilities and why can’t their siblings come too?” That’s how Camp Barnabas started. Go Camp Barnabas! Go Team Purple!