Beyond Barnabas – Life’s A Trip!

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Your second interactive, impactful devotion from Barnabas is here!

Christmas and the new year are fast approaching! It’s a good time to stop and consider where God wants to take us in the coming year. Successful trips—road trips, ski trips, camping trips, a Christ-centered life—require careful planning and preparation.
This edition of Beyond Barnabas provides teaching on and practical tools for planning a purposeful, prosperous 2020
Our “Life’s a Trip”devotion takes you through four lessons:
  1. Determine Your Destination
  2. Plan Your Route
  3. Gear Up
  4. Head Out!
Don’t forget to take advantage of our two printable activities and video lesson on goal-setting.
Make the devo your own! Do it all at once or complete it over several days—whatever works best for you.
Don’t let 2020 be a shoulda-coulda-woulda kind of year! Instead, trust in what you perceive to be God’s will, set some godly goals, and make it a year full of spiritual milestones and accomplishments. Enjoy your trip to becoming more like Christ!