March Featured Camper: Jacob

Camp BarnabasFeatured Camper

Jacob’s family first heard about camp when Sandy, the sister of Barnabas founder Cyndy Teas, mentioned Barnabas to them at a 4th of July parade. They knew they had to try it out!

Both Jacob and his sister decided to come and never looked back. Eight years later, Jacob keeps coming back for more and we couldn’t be happier!

Jacob at camper arrival.

Jacob at camper arrival with his sister and 2018 counselor.


Question: How old are you?

Answer: 17 years old.

Question: What is your favorite part of camp?

Answer: Pool party. I love how the staff loves me and teaches me more about Jesus.

Question: Why do you keep coming back to camp?

Answer: To make new friends with the great counselors.

Jacob with his counselor in 2012.

Jacob with his counselor in 2012.

Question: What is your favorite meal at camp?

Answer: Hamburgers.

Question: What is your favorite color?

Answer: Blue, for the Highland Park Scot

Jacob enjoying skit closet activity

Jacob enjoying skit closet activity in 2017.

Question: What is your everyday life like?

Answer: I love going to high school at Highland Park. I can’t wait to get there every day. On Tuesdays, I go with my grandmother to Starbucks and I get a tall Pike Place. I like my coffee black. Then I go to Howdy Homemade for ice cream-cookie monster–my favorite flavor. Thursday night I have Capernaum Young Life. I love my church family on Sunday mornings and evenings at King of Glory Lutheran Church. Sunday nights at our church’s disability-friendly service (Joyful Spirit) I play my drum with enthusiasm! I’m often in the stands cheering for many sports teams for Highland Park; I was named “Fan of the Year” for the varsity girls team!

Jacob with his counselor in Summer 2010.

Jacob with his counselor in Summer 2010.

Question: What do you love to do when you’re not at camp?

Answer: I love to go places and be with people, call my family and friends–I love Facetime. I’m always curious about everyone’s day.

Question: What is your biggest dream/goal?

Answer: I want to work at Starbucks, El Fenix, and Camp Barnabas!

Jacob enjoying the party

Jacob enjoying the party at camp with his counselor.


“The first time we sent Jacob and Madeline to Camp Barnabas we were very concerned about all the ways we thought of how the week might be a failure. Would Jacob shut down? Would he be adequately cared for and safe? Would our typical child find it fun enough? We prayed deeply for that week, but really just asking for God to make it “ok.”  In His abundance the week was a grand-slam of growth and joy for both our kids. God gave our entire family more than we dared ask of Him.  So we would encourage parents to not be fearful as we were, but to trust that God will bless you and your child through Camp Barnabas.” – Liesl Smith