November Featured Camper: Ruby

Camp BarnabasFeatured Camper

Ruby has attended Camp Barnabas for 7 years. She loves coming to see her friends and learning about Jesus. When she grows up, she wants to attend Gallaudet and study art. She also looks forward to the day she can “come back to Camp Barnabas…to work during the summer with kids who are deaf and take care of them.”

What an inspiration! Get to know Ruby by reading our Q&A with her below:

Ruby at camper arrival

Question: What is your primary diagnosis?

Answer: Deafness.

Question: How old are you?

Answer: 15

Question: What is your every day life like?

Answer: During the school year I play volleyball at the Arkansas School for the Deaf and spend the rest of my time studying and socializing with my friends.

Question: What is your favorite color?

Ruby with her counselor

Answer: Blue.

Question: What challenges do you face outside of camp?

Answer: School work.

Question: What’s life like outside of Barnabas?

Answer: Busy! I enjoy being home and also have lots of school work.

Question: What do you do when you are not at camp?

Ruby signing in the pool

Answer: During the summer I stay at home and relax, or hang out with my family. During the school year, I attend Arkansas School for the Deaf and spend the week in Little Rock. I am home on the weekends.

Question: What is your favorite meal at Barnabas?

Answer: For breakfast, biscuits and gravy.

Ruby at the dance

Question: What is your favorite thing about camp?

Answer: My favorite thing about camp is the pool and riding on the mats.

Question: Why do you keep coming back?

Answer: I love learning about Jesus and listening to the stories.

“Camp Barnabas is a big part of Ruby’s life. Before she joined our family 6 years ago, I worked as an interpreter for several years. I saw first hand what an awesome place Camp Barnabas was and what it meant for the kids who were able to go. I knew this was one place she had to go, and she loves it. She looks forward to camp every summer.” – Julie, Ruby’s Mom

Can’t wait to see you back at camp, Ruby!