The COVID-19 pandemic is ever-evolving and rapidly changing. As a result, we think it’s important that we communicate our efforts to keep our campers and missionaries healthy and safe so you can make an informed decision. We are focused on taking all reasonable measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Camp Barnabas is making adjustments to the way we will operate for summer 2021. We have strengthened our standard cleaning procedures while adding increased frequency measures for things such as wiping down common touchpoints, common areas, and activity equipment. 

Additionally, we have taken measures to monitor and address symptomatic campers with temperature checks and protocols to isolate, confirm, respond, and remove any camper or staff member with suspected COVID-19. You can view the additional measures we’re taking by reviewing our FAQs. Over the next several months, we will continue to work through the details of camp as we adhere to the guidance and regulations from the CDC and local health officials.

Ultimately, the choice for your camper or missionary to attend summer camp is a personal one, and you are in control.

Please check back for updates and thank you for your patience. 


You want what is best for your camper/missionary and we want to partner with you to create the safest camp environment possible. If your camper/missionary has been sick or running a fever prior to arrival, please contact us so we can determine the right course of action for everyone’s health and safety.

Camp Barnabas staff is doing everything we can to limit and prevent the spread of illness at camp. Under the guidance of our Health Services Director and Board Physician, we will adhere to the expectations set forth by the local health department and CDC. We are doing everything we can and are trusting that God will continue to bless our ministry. We ask that you pray with us: to safely provide life-changing experiences to our campers and missionaries this summer.

We want to make sure that your camper or missionary has an amazing summer but we understand this might not be the right time. If summer 2021 is not a match, we really hope we get the opportunity to provide the life-changing Camp Barnabas experience in 2022.  


This is our "3 Ways to Win" quick guide! We use this to quickly educate our campers, missionaries, and staff on some basic procedures to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Download the 3 Ways to Win PDF by clicking on the image above.
The Barnabas Tool K.I.T. is an outline of some of the major steps we're taking to reduce the spread of COVID-19 at Camp Barnabas. Download the PDF by clicking on the image above.
This final resource is quite possibly the most important: you must fulfill one of these three requirements before entering camp property in order to keep our campers, missionaries, and staffers safe and healthy!
Have additional questions about Health & Safety at Camp Barnabas? Contact our Health Services Director here.