Love Is Patient

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Love is patient. This is the thing that hangs with my mind and heart every time I think about Camp Barnabas. Love is patient. There is no need for worry, rush, or panic when love is at work. Love consumes this thing we call “time”. It drowns it out with compassion, service, sacrifice, and welcomed nights of little sleep. Love is patient. There is no place in love for can’t, or won’t, or I don’t feel like it. Love is patient and forces your hands, your feet, your words, your mind, and every single emotion you have. Love is patient and makes you encourage others, cry when someone prays, smile when someone laughs, breath even when someone bites, and love makes the hardest situation turn into the sweetest moments of your life. Love is patient and welcomes change, prayers, praise, authenticity, uncomfortable situations, and making the impossible seem completely attainable! Love is patient…Love is Barnabas…Love is Jesus…Love has changed me!

– Chad Manbeck

I Corinthians 13:4a