Director of Health Services

Bernadette Losh

Hello camp family! My name is Bernadette Losh and I am the Director of Health Services at Camp Barnabas. I could not be more excited to join the Barnabas family. 

After a long career in healthcare, I finally feel like I’m home.

Prior to Barnabas, I served as the Chief Clinic Officer with the Ozarks Community Hospital (OCH) Health System. In this role, I worked with physicians and their clinics throughout Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma to provide care for patients who truly needed it. As Chief Clinic Officer I had oversight of 20 multi-specialty clinics with a total of 300 employees as well as oversight of occupational, speech, and physical therapy disciplines. During my time at OCH, I also had the pleasure of starting up OCH’s very first Autism Clinic; a cause that is near and dear to my heart. 

Early on, I started my career in healthcare graduating from the practical nursing program at Ozarks Technical Community College. From there, I joined Doctors Hospital of Springfield (OCH) where I worked in Labor and Delivery as an LPN. Even though I was promoted to leadership positions along the way, I continued to work closely with physicians and nurses to care for patients. OCH has changed names over the years, but in total, I’ve spent a 25-year tenure with the organization throughout my career.  

Last year, I obtained my Master of Organizational Leadership from Evangel University, where I previously earned my bachelor’s in Business Administration.

Although camp life is new to me, I know the value it brings. Both sides of my family have been touched by disability. My nephew is living with Autism. In fact, he was a major inspiration behind the creation of the Autism Clinic I helped create while working for OCH. He is such a blessing to our family. 

My late brother-in-law had Down Syndrome. Although he passed away several years ago, he continues to leave a huge impact on our family and my husband. Growing up with a sibling with special needs molds you and changes you for the better. It gives you a new perspective and that’s also something that I know Camp Barnabas is all about. I can’t wait to be a part of an organization that shares that with others. 

Two of my children are affected by chronic illness: Crohn's disease. I wish more than anything that I could bear their pain for them; as they’ve been through so much. I know so many parents out there who resonate with that and are such strong warriors for their family. I can’t wait to get to know you better.

I know this year has been hard, as it’s been a summer without camp; but I know that so many families are looking forward to it next year. I can’t wait to bring in an incredible medical team that will make it possible (and safe) for our amazing families to experience a summer they’ll never forget. 

“We’re thrilled to have Bernadette bring our healthcare team to the next level. Her comprehensive administrative experience and extensive healthcare background paired with her immense heart make her the perfect leader to take on all that Barnabas requires: keeping our medically fragile campers well cared for, and recruiting and training top-notch healthcare professionals each year.”
Timothy L. Jones, D.O., F.A.A.F.P. | President of Cox Medical Group | Board Member, Barnabas Foundation