Safety at Camp Barnabas

Each summer we welcome thousands of campers with special needs and chronic illnesses and train the youth and adults who serve them, which is why safety is a top priority across all aspects of our Barnabas experience.

Safety Information:

Full-Time Professional Team

Each paid summer staff member undergoes a thorough interview process, a background check, which includes a check against the national sex offender registry, training, and reference checks prior to serving at camp. They are also required to complete a Statement of Understanding.

Rule of Thirds

Staff members and missionaries are prohibited from being alone with an individual camper at any point. At all times, there will be three individuals present. When campers are in a cabin setting, it is Camp Barnabas policy for one of the three to be a paid summer staff. One on one time with campers is prohibited at all times, as is with missionaries. Camp Barnabas practices daily monitoring of all activities through a system of checks and balances.

Emergency Procedures

Camp Barnabas has emergency procedures in place for various scenarios including severe weather, fire, medical emergencies, violent situations, intruders, missing campers, and active shooter. We train our staff on how to respond and what their roles are in these emergencies.

Abuse Prevention

Camp Barnabas requires all staff to complete sexual abuse and safety training. Training covers behaviors and actions to help prevent the possibility of abuse. As a Camp Barnabas policy, if any of our staff become aware of potential or actual abuse, we report any suspicions or information to the appropriate agency.

Medical Care

24/7 Care: Each week, our Medical Team includes a team of physicians and nurses to provide safe medical care for all who attend camp. For more information about our medical care, contact our Director of Health Services: [email protected].

Activity Safety

Waterfront and Pools

  • Trained American Red Cross Lifeguards at pool activities.
  • Non-swimmers must wear a life jacket to participate in pool activities.
  • The water in all pools is tested regularly to ensure the water quality meets state standards.
Challenge Courses
  • Staff who lead challenge course activities are trained through the Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) preferred vendor member.
  • All challenge course elements and equipment are inspected annually by an Association of Challenge Course Technologies (ACCT) preferred vendor member.
Other Activities
  • All archery and rifles shooting activities are facilitated by trained staff specifically in those areas.
  • Wilderness guides undergo a thorough training specific to the skills and activities that they will facilitate.
Food Safety

Camp Barnabas kitchens are regulated and permitted in the same way public restaurants are. While we are not peanut free, we have limited the number of peanut products.

Menu alternatives can be provided in the case of severe food allergies. Please email [email protected] for more information.

If you have any questions about any of our safety policies or would like more information, don't hesitate to email us at [email protected]