What to Wear When Glamping

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Fall is around the corner and that means two things: First, it’s leaf crunching weather. Second, it’s the perfect time to glamp!

Glamping is camping that doesn’t require excessive experience. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors with a few of the extra comforts of home.

When dressing for ‘glamping’ your attire needs to be durable, yet sophisticated. Here are a few tips to make sure you are on point for an upcoming excursion:

  • Start with the perfect top.

    Find a cute t-shirt and pair it with a slightly oversized flannel. This is a look that works great for guys and girls. You can score some cool retro t-shirts that fit any style and are super affordable at a local thrift store. NEVER underestimate the power of a bold graphic. For a pricier and more glampified approach, replace the t-shirt with a silky blouse or v-neck.

black and white checkered glamping flannel

graphic tee under glamping flannel

  • Remember that layers are always your best option.

    Flannels are great for layering and can be found at most stores. These can be accessorized around the waist or as a light jacket when it gets a little chilly around the ‘glampfire.’ Check out Camp Barnabas’ new flannels. Did we mention they are 100% glamp guaranteed!?

mixed colored glamping flannels hanging by the lake

red Camp Barnabas glamping flannel

  • Now let’s talk about bottoms.

    You can build a killer look with a pair of dark-wash jeans or skirt! These durable bottoms are perfect for a hike but also give a bit of an edge to richen up the glamping wardrobe. For the girls, consider pairing a flannel with a bold skirt. This move is daring but if executed correctly, it will amaze. Slacks work nicely for the gentlemen (or even a crisp pair of khakis). We suggest going for a darker shade of khaki as it gives the pants a more “foresty” feel. If you are feeling extra festive and brave – try a plaid suit!

dark-wash jeans with brown shoes

bold plaid skirt and floral skirt

  • Next on the list are shoes!

    Footwear is a vital glamping item that, when chosen carefully, can be trendy AND useful. For a casual day of exploring and a peaceful night of stargazing neutral-colored heels, wedges, and even slip on sandals can be great choices. Shoes and boots come in endless amounts of patterns and color combinations giving you the chance to accent them well with a flannel and perfect tie to match.

female glamping boot options

dress shoes with red lantern

  • Last but not least, let’s discuss the most important item in our glamp-revamp: accessories!

    These are where the real party is! So, go BIG. Add a bold accent necklace to splash color on a worn-out flannel and t-shirt combo. Or switch it up and add a neutral vest and a pair of statement earrings. For the guys, a blazer or vest could compliment a flannel if used in the proper way. Don’t be afraid to add a striking tie to top off the look.

statement necklace paired with glamping flannel

glamping flannel with suit jacket

Camp Barnabas flannel with black vest in fall scene

There are plenty of unique ways to pull off the glamping vibe for all tastes. Let your glamping choices fit activities you would normally do while camping and prepare you for anything nature throws your way.

male and female glampers sitting by lake view with lantern

Now, it’s time to sit back and kick up your heels. Happy Glamping!

Camp Barnabas Glamping for Camping invitation


If you are looking for a chance to glamp, join us at Camp Barnabas for our Glamping for Camping event on October 28th at the White River Conference Center. Click here to find out more about this glamorous camp evening.