Mission & Values

“My heart is bubbling over with the excitement of hearing and seeing what a difference one week at Camp Barnabas made for my children! They are filled with love and friendship and prayers and lots of thanksgiving. I haven't seen my oldest this happy and peaceful since we moved down here! What an exceptional camp this is! All of my kids came back happier with fun stories and heroic tales. I could just kiss the staff and missionaries there who have brought such joy into their lives. You all have blessed this momma's heart multiple times over.”
- Lindsey W.

Our Mission

Changing lives through disability ministry.

Our Values

1. Christ comes first, always.
2. We point people to Christ in everything we do.
3. We know God created everyone with purpose and ability.
4. We inspire people to realize their abilities.
5. We are leaders.
6. We exceed expectations.
7. We serve people.
8. We make our surroundings safe, we make people feel secure.