Frequently Asked Questions

“This is our daughter's highlight of the year. The one place where her friends are real and she can be herself without judgement.” - Julie A.

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If you have already created a new account for your family but cannot remember your login information click “password reset” button and enter the email address you used for your new account. By doing so the system will send you a link with instructions on creating a new password.
The total cost is $775 per camper and $775 per sibling camper.
You can pay online through your camper’s account. Once you are logged in go to the financial section and click the “make a payment” button. There you will be able to pay with a debit/credit card. If you would prefer to mail a check please send it, and a note stating the name of your camper(s), to P.O. Box 3200 Springfield, MO 65808.
We require a nonrefundable $55 registration fee deposit to be paid when you submit the online application for your camper. Please know that this fee is included in the total cost of $775.
The first step in receiving a camp scholarship is in the online camper application. Once your camper’s registration is approved you will receive an email from Barnabas that provides more information about our scholarship program. There will be a number listed at the end of that email for you to call to discuss what scholarship amount would be best for your family to receive for the upcoming summer. We do require our families to make the initial call when they are ready for the scholarship discussion. If you did not mark that you needed a camp scholarship on your camper’s application but end up needing one please contact Barnabas. We consider providing scholarships to be a vital part of our ministry, so please let us know how we can best help your family.
We ask that the final payment toward your camper’s balance is made by April 1st. However, if you need an extension please contact Kelli Hinderliter to set up a payment plan. Please know that Barnabas wants to work with each family to make paying for camp as stress-free as possible.
At this time, our registration process is done completely online. If you do need help with registering your camper please feel free to contact our Camper Registrar.
You can email your request to [email protected]. We cannot guarantee that your request will happen but we will do our very best to honor it.
Each week that we have is geared to a specific age range and a set of diagnoses. The youngest we can serve is 7 years old and some weeks you can not age out. If you have any questions about the ages served each week feel free to consult our summer schedule page on our website. If you have questions after going over that information feel free to contact our Camper Registrar.
Barnabas on the Lake is our newest property and it is located in Shell Knob, Missouri. While our Teas Trail property is located in Purdy, Missouri. Other than the physical locations the differences are very minimal. The parties, themes, devotionals, and policies are exactly the same no matter which location you choose. However, there are some differences in activities. For example, these activities are exclusive to our Barnabas on the Lake camps; boat rides on the lake, tubing, and barn swinging. Please know that the core values, mission, and vision of Barnabas are absolute and an integral part of both locations.
All of our weeks will start on a Sunday and they end that Friday. We begin the camper check-in process at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday. And we ask that our parents arrive at camp no later than 5:15 p.m., that way your camper can be settled in their cabin before they need to go off to dinner. Our gates will open back up at 10:00 a.m. on that Friday. We will have a short closing ceremony for our families that will begin at 10:30 a.m.
Barnabas is blessed to have two camp locations. Our Teas Trail location is completely wheelchair accessible. However, our Barnabas on the Lake location is not yet wheelchair accessible.
Every camper will have a one-on-one volunteer that stays with them throughout the entire week and is there to help meet all of their needs. In addition to our one-on-one ratio we have a policy that states that no camper will ever be alone with just one volunteer or one staffer. Our number one priority is the safety of everyone who enters through our gates each week.
We have a team of doctors and nurses that stay on the grounds at all times. Members of this team are in charge of giving each camper their daily medications or supplements. They are also in charge of taking care of things such as tracheostomies, ventilators, tube feedings, and more. If your child has extra special medical needs you will need to discuss these needs in advance with our Medical Director Tracie Bishop.
When it gets closer to the summer we will send all of our camper families an email that includes our Barnabas Bound Packet. This packet has a wealth of information including a packing list, party information, a medication form, directions and much more.
7:30am: Wake-Up
8:00am: I.P.
8:30am: Girls: Breakfast; Guys: Cabin clean-up/Devos
9:30am: Guy and Girl cabins switch
10:30 – 11:15am: 1st Activity
11:30am-12:15pm: 2nd Activity
12:30pm: Girls: Lunch; Guys: 3rd Activity
1:30pm: Girls: FOB; Guy: Lunch
2:30pm: Girls: 3rd Activity; Guys: FOB
3:30pm: OATS/Freeze
5:30pm: Girls: Dinner; Guys: Showers
6:30pm: Girls: Showers; Guys: Dinner
7:15pm: Pre-Party
7:30pm: Party
9:00PM: Wrap-Up
10:30pm: Camper Lights Out