Join HYA  & Make Your Gift Count

Our friends at Heim-Young & Associates want to make a difference, and they are challenging YOU to make one too. 

This year, they've teamed up with Camp Barnabas to help more campers enjoy a life-changing week of summer camp. 

It takes a lot to make camp happen, and supporters like you are a BIG PART of that. 

The actual cost per camper runs close to $1,500. 

Because of generous partners like YOU, we’re able to scholarship a big portion of this for campers like Izzie, Alex and the Hunter family. 


“Camp means everything. Not only for Hunter, but for us as a family. There’s just no words to describe it, it’s just a great place to send your kid. It answers everything you want for your child who can’t experience it everyday”

- Lucinda, Hunter's Mom


“The campers have so much joy because they have the opportunity to do things they don’t normally get the chance to do. They’re loved and you can see it.”

- Tim, Alex’s Dad


“Camp Barnabas allows us to step back so Izzi can be fully independent and live her life for the things she wants to do.”

-John, Izzi’s Dad