Missionary Roles

Being a missionary at Camp Barnabas is a life-changing experience. Learn more about the serving opportunities Camp Barnabas offers here!


Age: 16-29 years old

One-on-one counselors (aka "buddies,"  "helpers," or "missionaries") are our greatest need each year. These incredible individuals pair up with campers and unconditionally love, build a relationship with, and care for all of their needs during the week.



Age: 13-15 years old

Barnstormers have a servant’s heart and a great work ethic. They keep camp in tip-top shape by serving food and tidying up during the week. Our Barnstormers enjoy building relationships with the others in their program and their college-aged staff while simultaneously building the foundations for a solid relationship with the Lord and learning to serve as Christ served.

Note: Depending on our needs, some Barnstormers may be asked to move up to a Counselor role.


Cabin Parent


Cabin Parents live separately and play a big part in cheering on and supporting missionaries and campers.

Although this role is titled ‘parent,’ adults leaders are encouraged to take a step back during the week and let the youth in their cabin problem solve and grow while providing moral support and guidance as they navigate the week.



Age: Completed sophomore or junior year of high school

The Apostleship Program is designed for missionaries seeking additional leadership training and service beyond one week at camp. It includes rigorous times of service, caring for individuals with special needs, and leadership training. Apostles get the opportunity to fundraise for support for their position, which demands high expectations and standards, but our Directors will walk beside you and invest in you throughout the program.

Over the course of three weeks, apostles will spend time serving different areas of camp as directed by their immediate leaders. The program includes bible studies led by our Directors as well as community time with others. The program is ideal for graduating Sophomores and Juniors in high school.

Medical Team

Our Med Team registration process has changed! To learn more about serving on the Med Team, click here.


Private Duty Nurse (Not Med Team)

Private duty nurses are nurses who are already acquainted (and paired with) a specific camper. They attend camp to help monitor and care to their camper's intense medical needs during the week. Private duty nurses are NOT part of the Camp Barnabas Medical Team and should register as "missionaries" for the week. Private Duty nurses reside in cabins and remain with their camper throughout the week.

If you have additional questions about private duty nurses, please contact our Health Services Director ([email protected]).