Summer Staff Positions

“Summer staff is the most authentically beautiful job I will, and have ever held. I created life-long friendships and the Lord was able to challenge me in ways that I could have never imagined. I left Camp Barnabas with a kingdom-on-Earth mentality and a new direction in life.” - Emily J.

Cabin Staff

Ages 19+

Our Cabin Staffers have the opportunity to serve and love not only every camper in their cabin, but every missionary as well. No day is typical, but as a cabin staffer you should expect to do various activities, lead a devotional time with your cabin, and have a blast at our themed parties. All Cabin Staff are trained on the various activities at camp; including Rifles, Archery, Fishing, Canoes and more! As the spiritual leaders of the cabin, Cabin Staff put aside their personal wants and needs to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and guide their missionaries in how to love their campers well. A Barnabas staffer is prepared to love and celebrate all campers as children of God and ensure the campers’ relationship with their missionary is both safe and meaningful.

Core Team

Ages 17-18 (completed senior year of high school)

The Core Team is made up of individuals who have just graduated from high school. These members not only get to SEE the many wonderful jobs of camp, but get to experience working in them as well! Core team is a vital role at camp that requires flexibility and the willingness to serve wherever is needed. We value the Core Team greatly, and it is our hope that this position provide opportunities to grow and learn what it could look like to be a part of Summer Staff at Barnabas in the future.

Extreme Team

Ages 19+

This position is for individuals who love to stay active and be in the outdoors. Extreme team has the opportunity to lead exciting activities such as the ropes course, lifeguarding at the pool, and guiding cabins through camping excursions. Members of this team also have the opportunity to lead activities and games at all of our themed parties! If selected to be a part of the Extreme Team, you will be required to attend extra staff training at the beginning of the summer, followed by certification tests. Extreme team members will live in cabins with campers and missionaries, and must be willing to help out with the daily functioning of the cabin as needed.


Ages 19+

Capturing the heart of camp through photography is a full time task. The photographer is responsible for taking pictures of all the camp activities and parties throughout the weeks at camp. The photographer also takes cabin pictures of each cabin every week. In addition to the photography duties, you might assist the “videographer techie” in shooting and making the camp video each week. Camp videos will be shown at the closing ceremony every week for the campers, missionaries, and families to see all of the great moments that were experienced at camp! Camp Barnabas is a beautiful place, and the photographer plays a large role in allowing the families to share in the joy that their camper gets to experience. Photographers will be living in a cabin with campers and missionaries, and must be willing to help out with daily functioning of cabin as needed.


Ages 19+

This person has the awesome task of capturing camp on video as well as being in charge of all video and audio equipment during camp worship activities. You will be responsible for making a weekly video that is shown at the closing ceremony. The videographer is vital in creating a way for the families to see the joy and love that their camper’s get to experience at camp. Experience with video editing and sound equipment is required. The videographer will be living in a cabin with campers and missionaries, and must be willing to help out with daily functioning of cabin as needed.

Office Assistant

Ages 19+

The role of the office assistant is primarily an administrative job. You will be responsible for handling all phone calls that come into the camp office, sorting and distributing mail and answering emails. You will also assist the office staff in mail outs and other typical daily office duties. The office assistant is a fun, spunky job with plenty of opportunities to interact with the campers during evening activities and meal times.

Resident Assistant

Ages 19+

Many of our year-round staff move their entire families out to camp each summer! In order to fulfill their duties at camp, they need Resident Assistants to care for their children each day. This is a special opportunity to serve Camp, build relationships with full time staff and their families, and see camp from a unique perspective. Resident Assistants will live in a cabin with campers, assist with the daily functioning of the cabin as needed, and be able to attend camp events with the children. Resident Assistants play a vital role in allowing camp to run efficiently, and is a unique opportunity to show the love of Jesus to incredible families as well as their children.

Special Diets Cook

Ages 19+

Several of our campers come to camp with specific dietary needs (ex. Gluten free, diabetic, lactose intolerant). It is the special diets cook’s job to make sure every camper’s nutritional needs are met. In this position, you will work alongside our kitchen manager, barnstormer leaders, and adult volunteers to provide campers with safe, nutritious meals each day. This is a unique opportunity to serve and provide for the campers that need additional needs met in order to attend camp. Special Diets cooks will be living in a cabin with campers and missionaries, and must be willing to help out with daily functioning of cabin as needed.

Kitchen Staff

Ages 19+

Camp could not function without our Kitchen Staff! All food preparation, food ordering and distribution, and meal times involve the Kitchen Staff. These individuals are responsible for ensuring that enough food is prepared and distributed for every meal and for creating a positive environment within the Dining Hall and the Kitchen. Every day will look different, but the staff should expect to have a hands-on experience with each meal in some capacity! The Kitchen Staff will also get the opportunity to work closely with our Adult Volunteers, Barnstormers, and the Barnstorm Staff!

Barnstorm Staff

Ages 19+

Barnstorm Staff oversees all roles and responsibilities of the Barnstorm Program. These individuals are to oversee the service ministry of the Barnstormers as a spiritual leader while also curating a clean environment all-around camp! Barnstorm Staff get to pour into and love on the Barnstormers who came to serve camp in a unique way! The Barnstormers are getting to have a blast serving and learning more about Christ in the process!